What if I lost Mental Capacity? Why you need an LPA Now

What if I Lost Mental Capacity? Why You Need an LPA Now

Many people in the UK every year will, unfortunately, lose mental capacity. This can be through recognised conditions such as dementia or strokes or through accidents or trauma. Did you know that the Stroke Society predicts that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 6 men will have had a stroke by the age of 75 years? The Stroke Society also emphasises that strokes can happen at any age and that 1 in 53 of the entire British population is a stroke survivor.
Having Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) in place ensures that your chosen individuals are able to act on your behalf in terms of decision making about either your health and care needs or property and finances, in the event of you being unable to manage your own affairs. Without an LPA in place, your family are indefinitely tied into working with the Court of Protection to make even the smallest of decisions – a lengthy, very costly and bureaucratic process.

Who Puts an LPA into Place? And Who Doesn’t?

Sometimes people are well organised, systematic and insightful. They plan ahead and organise their affairs because they recognise that it is important for them to do so. These people put an LPA into place so it is there in case their family ever need it.

Sometimes people experience a health scare which triggers them into putting their affairs into order because they suddenly become aware that they are not invincible and that they wish to do the best they can for those they care about. These people put an LPA into place also.

Sometimes people never get around to sorting their affairs out and don’t make an LPA because they are ‘too busy’, ‘don’t believe they need to yet’ or just believe their family ‘can sort matters out when the time comes’. This ‘head in the sand’ attitude leaves your loved ones without any control at all should the worst happen. It means they are at the mercy of others whom they have never met and will be unable to fight their own or your, corner in decisions which impact you all.

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An LPA must be put into place whilst you still have the ability to fully understand the powers you are conveying. When something unexpected happens, then for this last group of people and their families, it is too late.

Jack Straw, former Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice said , ‘We all know how important it is to plan for the future. Having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place should be as common and natural as making a Will’.

At The Will Associates, we have years of experience supporting clients with putting Lasting Powers of Attorney into place. Our only area of focus relates to estate planning – meaning that we are, indeed, specialists in the area.

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