Why not to write your own Will

Why not to write your own Will

In most areas of life, things look easy until you try them yourself. At this point, you realise why the knowledge, skills and experience of the professional really matter. When it comes to writing a Will a surprising number of people think they can write out their wishes on a sheet of paper and that this will suffice when the time comes. Often, they are wrong about this and it is completely invalid. It is a case of people not knowing what they don’t know.

Do you know:

- the requirements for writing a valid Will?
- what is the best way of making provision for someone unable to care for themselves?
- how owning a business requires special consideration when writing your Will?
- how to limit the possibility of disgruntled family members making a claim on your estate?
- how best to deal with an overseas property?
- what happens if your chosen beneficiary dies first?
- what happens if you need to go into care before you die?

And so on .......

Don't take the risk - make sure the right people inherit your wealth.

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There are many, many ways in which people can go wrong when trying to write their own Will. When we are talking about the distribution of thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of assets, why risk writing a Will yourself or using a cheap template?

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