Will Writers in Enfield

Will Writers in Enfield

Why do I need a Will?

If you have clear views as to how your estate is to be distributed after your death you need to write a will. Without a Will, the rules of intestacy come into play and the government will decide who gets what. You have worked hard your whole life to build up your estate so it is only natural that you want to ensure you decide how it is distributed. Our Will Writers in Enfield can help to ensure this happens.

Can’t I write my own Will?

There is nothing stopping you from writing a Will yourself but regulations in relation to this are constantly changing and you would have to be absolutely sure you understand the latest rules. A relatively minor mistake could make your Will null and void which means that you may as well have not written one in the first place. Our Will Writers in Enfield are constantly monitoring changes to regulations and laws to ensure your Will is legally binding.

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Can I just use a Will template?

As a Will template is a basic outline of a Will, it will not allow for extra detail and won't be specifically tailored to your individual circumstances and situation.

The Will signing is critical. This needs to be undertaken by people who are not due to receive anything from the Will. By using our Will Writers in Enfield you can ensure that all legal requirements are met so you are left with absolute peace of mind.

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