We Insure our Most Valuable Assets but What About Ourselves? Get an LPA today.

We Insure Our Most Valuable Assets but What About Ourselves ? Get an LPA Today.

The vast majority of us have insurance ‘just in case’ something happens. We insure our homes, our cars, our most prized possessions , our pets..... We fear that something awful may befall us so we act to protect ourselves and our families. As a result, we pay insurance premiums year in and year out and many of us never, ever make a claim for fear of attracting a higher premium the following year.

But what about ourselves? In the event of your partner, your spouse, mother or father losing mental capacity, how big a disaster would that be? What protection do you have in place against this eventuality?

What effect would loss of mental capacity have on you and your family? What if, as a result, all access to funds in their name was stopped? How would you pay the bills, the mortgage, buy food? What if you then had to deal with a government organisation and a stack of bureaucracy in order to be permitted to access your own / your partner’s money? And what if, on top of all this, you were also presented with substantial bills for the privilege?

This is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

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Without a valid Lasting Power of Attorney in place, in the event of a loss of mental capacity your family will need to apply to the Court of Protection to have a deputy appointed to deal with everyday matters. This process is extremely slow, expensive and bureaucratic.

In contrast, putting an LPA into place gives you peace of mind that should the worst happen your family are left in the best possible position, can make all important decisions on your behalf and can therefore focus on caring for you.

Last week an agitated Mrs. X from Bristol called us to complete Lasting Powers of Attorney for herself and her husband. We promptly paid a visit to the beautiful home of this couple but unfortunately could do nothing on behalf of Mr. X as it was clear that he had already lost mental capacity. The gentleman had no idea what we were talking about, could not retain the information given, he was quite anxious and his concentration was very limited. In this instance it was clearly too late. Ironically, this couple had met with one of our consultants 12 months previously but had decided not to proceed with Lasting Powers of Attorney as they didn’t believe it would happen to them.....

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Everyone’s situation is different. Here at The Will Associates we have fully trained consultants across the country visiting clients in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Your local Consultant in the Cardiff area , Chris Dyer, will take the time to fully understand your situation before making any recommendations as to how best to meet your needs. With ourselves you can be assured of a highly professional and personalised service from start to finish.

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