Is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan a Good Idea?

Is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan a Good Idea?

No, it's a GREAT idea! Opting for a pre-paid Funeral Plan is a great choice for anyone in England & Wales because it enables you to decide on the level of service that you wish to have at your own funeral. Hopefully, it will be several decades before it is needed but you can plan it all now and pay for it at today's prices, potentially saving thousands of pounds in the future. Funerals are increasing in price every single year, and at a level above inflation meaning, it is going to become more and more difficult to find the money to pay for them. A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to keep your family protected from the financial burden they would have to face when it is finally time to pay for your funeral.

With the funeral plans that we provide, you get the excellent opportunity to make your own decisions, you choose the level of quality and services that you want at your funeral. You get the chance to plan your funeral all by yourself and save up for it. Once you opt for a Funeral Plan, you can rest assured that everything will be covered for you on that day, and your loved ones will be saved from the trouble of rising costs.

To show how real the increasing cost of funerals is we can see that over the past ten years the average cost of a funeral has risen by over 80%. In real term figures that are an average cost increase from £1000 to over £3000 within the UK. With so much change in the cost of funerals, in the year 2020, the costs will surely rise higher than £6000.

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What Is the Pre-Paid Funeral Plan All About?

At The Will Associates, our funeral plan provider has the biggest network of independent funeral directors within the UK. The funeral plans have several payment options from a single total sum payment to several flexible payment options and are available regardless of the package that you choose. You can also choose one of four funeral plan levels that vary in quality and what services they offer. Our main aim is to offer you the best service for a competitive price, and we make sure that you get the service you deserve.

If you are based in England & Wales or the surrounding area we have skilled consultants that will take their time to discuss every detail about the plan with you. Due to their extensive experience and knowledge they can cover all aspects of estate planning as well as any questions regarding funeral plans. To arrange a free, no-obligation consultation by calling us on 0800 9500 700 today.