3 Common Questions People have in Mind about Funeral Plans

3 Common Questions People Have In Mind About Funeral Plans

A funeral is a part of life that everyone has to face eventually. It is an occasion that is about the celebration of a person’s life, what they achieved, and what made them special. Funerals give people the chance to reflect on the legacy and life that their loved ones have lived. With each day passing, our life also becomes shorter, and the process of funeral planning becomes inevitable.

Funeral plans can prove to be intimidating once they find their way into your “to-do list”. However, whenever you get the chance, it is good to sit down and think about the positive sides of funeral plans. You get to lift off the heavy burden you might leave on your family after you pass away. They will not have to worry about the expenses of the arrangement and the service. Here are three frequent questions that people ask us all the time:

1. What is the Type of Funeral Plan do you provide?

We provide a prepaid funeral plan, which in short is a payment you make in advance to the organisation or funeral director for the services of the funeral. Having a prepaid funeral plan with The Will Associates means your money will be protected at today's prices.

2. Will These Plans Guarantee The Full Cost of the Funeral?

This does not apply to all funeral plans. If you decide to opt for the pre-paid plan, you will get exactly what you paid for, however, you have to compare all the products to see what exclusions are available for you.

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On the other hand, if you decide to go for the investment based funeral plan, the amount you end up paying up for the funeral plan may not cover the complete cost of all the arrangements you wish to have on that day.

3. Is My Money Secure?

You should know that pre-paid funeral plans and those that you pay over a period of 12 months are held safely in a separate independent trust. For paid plans on monthly instalments, the premiums are directly invested into insurance funds. Which guarantee the payout process when your death comes. Such arrangements are completely independent of our company at The Will Associates.

At The Will Associates, we ensure that we offer our clients the best plans and dealings. We offer a wide choice of payment methods that fit the budgets of every individual. From small ceremonies to large ones, we cater to the needs of clients and provide them with a good estimate of the complete cost before the funeral. We work with  the UK's largest Funeral Plan provider to ensure you have the very best deal when planning for your death.

We offer our services to people all over the UK. If you need us for your funeral plans via our supplier, have some questions for us, or want to order an application pack, feel free to contact us by calling 0800 9500 700 or visit our website by clicking here.