Probate & Estate Administration Pricing

The below estimate is based on an average estate worth £360,000.00 without complications.

The way that the fees are charged are based upon the time spent upon the matter by the legal team. The hourly rates for the team are chargeable based upon level of experience and qualification. The current rates as of March 2021 are:-

Legal Team Member Hourly Rate
(as at January 2019)
Rate per Item
(letters, phone calls, emails)
Legal Admin £155.00 £15.50
Paralegal/Trainee Solicitor/Trainee Legal Executive £185.00 £18.50
Solicitor/Legal Executive £205.00 £20.50

Legal Fees

Work Undertaken (average) Cost VAT Total
Fee for grant of Probate only (small estate) £2,500.00 £500.00 £3,000.00
An average estate takes around 30 hours to finalise
and based upon an average hourly rate of £185.00
then we would expect an average administration cost to be
£5,500.00 £1,100.00 £6,660.00


These are costs payable to third-parties that relate to your matter, for example stamp duty when buying a house or court fees when dealing with probate)

Likely disbursements could be

Note: In the unlikely event that your matter will exceed this cost you will be informed of this as early as possible. Matters typically exceed the quoted fee when they are particularly complicated.

Executorship Fee

Where the Testator has chosen to have a professional Executor to deal with the administration of the Estate there is a set fee charged against the Estate which is currently 1.95% of the Gross value of the Estate declared to the Probate Court.

In exchange for this fee the Professional Executors will take on the legal responsibility and risk during the administration of the estate. They will be responsible for the following:-




VAT is chargeable on top of the fee and therefore on an average Estate of £360,000.00 you would expect an Executorship fee of £7,020.00 plus VAT of £1,404.00 making a total Executor fee payable of £8,424.00.

Overall Executorship and Administration on an average estate of £360,000.00 where Professional Executors are used would therefore be :-

Item Cost VAT Total
Administration Fee £5,500.00 £1,100.00 £6,660.00
Executorship Fee £7,020.00 £1,404.00 £8,424.00
Disbursements £559.00
Totals £13,079.00 £2,504.00 £15,583.00

This equates to 4.33% of gross estate overall including VAT.