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Established in 2010, the Will Associates now have consultants all over the South East, with local offices in every county.

Providing the following legal services:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Nil Rate Band and Discretionary Will Trusts
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Asset Trusts
  • Probate
  • Prepaid Funeral Plans

With over 7,000 satisfied customers throughout England and Wales, the Will Associates are one of the largest providers of these services in the country.

Our Simple 7 Step Process

  1. Our friendly consultant will come to you, to understand your needs
  2. Your instruction is taken on your chosen product(s)
  3. Your order is processed at head office
  4. You receive a welcome pack
  5. The legal team prepare your draft.
  6. You approve or amend your draft document as necessary.
  7. When satisfied, the final version is created.

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Last Will and Testament

  • Single or Mirror Wills
  • Enhanced Wills - Nil Rate Band Trusts, Discretionary Will Trusts, Protective Will Property Trusts
  • Peace of mind
  • Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

Who inherits what when you pass on?

Did you know that in the South East of England:

  • 90% of adults 18-35 do not have a Lasting will or Testament
  • 66% of adults 36-54 do not have a Lasting will or Testament
  • 34% of adults 54+ do not have a Lasting will or Testament

What is even more disturbing is that 70% of adults with children under 18 do not have a will in place.

Most people believe their partners would receive everything. This is not always the case. If you die without a will in place the government prioritises who gets your Estate and in what proportions. Furthermore if no one claims your estate then the government will take the lot.

This is even more relevant if you are living with someone but are not married or in a civil partnership even if you have been together for years.

A Last Will and Testament is the only way to guarantee your wishes

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

An LPA enables a trusted person to act on your behalf should you become incapable of doing so.

There are 2 types of LPA:

  • "Property and Financial Affairs" gives your Attorney (the trusted person) authority to deal with your property, bills, accounts and investments.
  • "Health and Welfare" covers health and care including care home facilities if required if you become incapacitated.

Losing capacity without an LPA can be costly. An application to the Court of Protection to appoint a deputy to manage your affairs can take months and can cost thousands of Pounds. Having an LPA today, prevents this.

In the last 2 years just 134,000 people put a Lasting power of Attorney in place. Thats less than 1% of the population according to a report on the BBCs One Show.

Asset Trusts

A Will activates on death. What happens if you fall ill beforehand and need help? In the last 5 years, over 1m homes have been lost in the UK, to pay for things like care prior to death depleting the inheritance for your beneficiaries. Lifetime Asset Trusts protect and keep that inheritance intact.

  • Ring fence your assets (home, finances, shares)
  • Income can be drawn from the trust if required
  • You retain full control of the assets until you die
  • Assets in the trust are secured if you lose capacity
  • The trust lasts up to 125 years
  • Provide against Sideways Disinheritance
  • Create provision for long term care

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Prepaid Burial Plans

The average cost of a funeral in 2006 was £1,920, by 2016 is now £3,609. An increase of 88%. At this rate, the average cost of a funeral in 2026 could be more than £7,000. Why not secure a plan at today's prices?

  • Choose from over 3300 Funeral Directors
  • Guaranteed acceptance – no medical required
  • Pay monthly from £5 per week - no deposit required
  • Recommended by the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors

You've worked hard for you what you have. Make sure you keep it.

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At the Will Associates, we have a team of expert consultants who take time to understand your estate and then advise on the best ways to protect your assets according with your wishes. Your local consultant is Richard Morris. Richard conducts Free consultations at a time and place convenient to you. You can message Richard via this webpage or contact us on FREEPHONE 0800 847 7030.

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